steam reset a zero

steam reset a zero

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My account was reset to level 0 on steam after the servers went down. Did this happen to anyone else? Also, I can't see my steam inventory, . My Steam level has been reset to 0! Previous community badges have disappeared, along with trading card badges and experience. I have a . I don't think it has to do anything with the game - I had the same thing happen to me yesterday, but it was saying "Steam Community unavailable right now". go to steam library , right click “generation zero” and select properties ,select tab “updates” uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud syncronization for . So a friend of mine ran into a problem just after the Tuesday update today: his Steam level was reset to 0, and he lost all badges and anything . Outpost Zero, a base building multiplayer sci-fi, is 51% off: . to deal with the lag issues, and some save file issues that occurred around server reset time. There are 168 hours left until human extinction. Repair the reactor and restart your hibernation pod to save yourself. Fail and become a creature .


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